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17-23 June - Refugee Week

This happens around World Refugee Day on 20th June with the aim of celebrating the contribution of refugees to our country and encouraging better understanding in our communities.

Here is what two well known people say ...

“Refugee Week is important because it reminds us that refugees are not just statistics to be used and abused. They are living, breathing people. I am British, I was born here and I have no intention of leaving here, so I want to create a society here where compassion is built into our culture. In this society we will be so aware of the world around us that we will not need a Refugee Week. Until then this is how we do it.”

Benjamin Zephaniah, Poet “Receiving refugees is not the matter of somebody signing papers in some remote office. It’s the matter of making friends with new neighbours; it’s the matter of turning strangers into a part of community and that’s done most just by treating them normally, as part of a fabric of the life of this country, this community.” Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury


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