​Sanitary products and toiletries can often be deemed a luxury that is unaffordable for many, and so we supply these items where we can.  We rely on the generosity of our supporters to collect these items for us, and this is done through collection boxes in local churches and places of employment.

Emotional Support

One of the most frightening experiences for many, is to go alone to the reporting centre to 'sign on', or to go to official interviews and appointments.  We aim to provide befrienders, who will support those who need it, to be a reassuring presence, and to provide confidence that friends and family will alerted if the person is detained.

Nutritional Support

​Some of the people we support are completely destitute and have no means of providing their own food.  We work with our local foodbank to do our best to make sure that no-one goes home hungry.

Everyone in need goes home with a bag of supplies, providing fresh vegetables and fruit whenever possible.

English language and literacy skills

​People newly arrived in the UK often have little English language skills, and sometimes poor numeracy and literacy, adding to the difficulties they face.  We aim to help address this by offering informal support in smallll groups, and working with other local organisations to offer ESOL classes

Skills and Creativity

​During the drop in, we share in creative expression, by jewelry making, sewing, kntting, crochet, various forms of art, cook and eat sessions, keep fit and nail art.  


Sometimes our sessions are themed around cultural events and seasons. We are also supported by various community art groups.


​There are several people who come to us, who have no recourse to public funds, and do not have a safe place to sleep.  We try to help where we can, that the vulnerable are protected, and are out of harms way through our hosting scheme and destitution support 'guest houses'.